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Broadcasting daily from our studios at St. Peter's Hospital, we have a variety of programmes to help make you feel good and informed, especially for the patients and staff at Ashford and St Peter's Hospitals, local care homes, and everyone seeking health and wellbeing in NW Surrey and Middlesex.
We're run entirely by volunteers with a passion for health and feel-good radio. Radio Wey has been broadcasting now for over fifty years supporting the local hospitals and those in need of healthcare and support in the community.

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Talking to Mayor of Runnymede – Episode 5

Episode 5 Find out about the town twinning that exists with the Borough of Runnymede when the Mayor of Runnymede, Cllr. Shannon Saise-Marshall talks to Andy Brown in the latest edition of Our Chats with the Mayor.

Talking to the Mayor of Runnymede – Episode 4

Episode 4 In this edition, we find the Mayor of Runnymede Cllr Shannon Saise-Marshall chatting to a kookaburra and exploring the Egham Royal show. Plus what happens when a Mayor is invited to an event.

Andy Field talks about his time as Chair of the ASPH Trust

Andy Field, Chairman of Ashford and St Peters Hospital NHS Trust, steps down from his post at the end of August after six years in the role. Andy spoke to Andy Brown about his thoughts and reflections on his time at the Trust.

Talking to the Mayor of Runnymede – Episode 3

Episode 3 Cllr Shannon Saise-Marshall, Mayor of Runnymede talks about the Mayoral Regalia & a few of the events she has recently attended. While chatting to Andy Brown, we find out also about litter found in Abbey Lake near Thorpe Park when she went litter picking on a paddleboard!

Talking to the Mayor of Runnymede – Episode 2

Andy Brown catches up with Cllr Shannon Saise-Marshall, Mayor of Runnymede finding out more about her role and the recent events she attended including the Egham Classical Vehicle Show.

Community Open Day Interviews

St. Peter's hospital recently had a Community Open day for anyone to come and look around the hospital and find out more about how it works and the services offered. Our roving reporter, Alan Dolby, talked to many of the departments and organisations who were welcoming visitors.

Talking to the Mayor of Runnymede – Episode 1

Councillor Shannon Saise-Marshall, the Worshipful Mayor of Runnymede in conversation with Andy Brown.
This is the first in a series of talks we will be having during her mayoral year as we find out more about her role and her engagement with the community.

ReadEasy – a group who helps adults learn to read

Did you know that 5% of working age adults are unable to read? ReadEasy are a charity that helps those adults learn to read, and Maria Lopiano spoke to Kate Kemp of ReadEasy for West Surrey and North East Hampshire to find out more about the group. They are also looking for someone to help by becoming their volunteer coordinator. Find out more at

Armed Forces Week – Reservists

This week is Armed Forces Week. Andy Brown talked to Nadine Sioson and Aidan Parsons who work at the Trust and they are also Army Reservists to find out how these fit into their daily life.

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