Support Our Station

If you are a local business and looking for a way to help support our charity, and get yourself better known within the hospitals and communities we serve, then Support Our Station is the way to go.

You can select one of our time-slots to support and we'll professionally record some messages about your business, and we will play them regularly during that slot, every week, for a year!

We will also put a link on our website homepage direct to your own website and feature you on our website's Supporters page.

The slots available are:

  1. Monday to Friday mornings (9am-Noon)
  2. Monday to Friday early afternoons (Noon to 3pm)
  3. Monday to Friday tea time (3pm to 6pm)
  4. Monday to Friday evenings (6pm to 9pm)
  5.  Saturday mornings (9am to Noon)
  6.  Saturday early afternoon (Noon to 2.30pm)
  7. Saturday Sportscene slot (2.30pm to 5pm)
  8. Saturday evenings (6pm to 9pm)
  9. Sunday mornings (9pm to Noon)
  10. Sunday afternoon (Noon to 4pm)
  11. Sunday evening (4pm to 9pm)

Slots start for a donation of under £5/week.

If you'd like to know more, then please get in touch by emailing and you can rest assured that your valued contribution will go directly to keep our service running.