Request Shows

We do aim to visit a selection of wards each week to collect requests so look out for our presenters coming round!

Occasionally access to wards is restricted due to the level of Covid and Flu infections around, for the safety of everyone.

If you don't manage to see one of our request collectors we're still here and keen to play your requests and dedications,
so why not have a think about what you'd like to hear; a song; a singer or group; or just tell us what sort of music you like and we'll find something for you!

Check our programme schedules to see which programs are LIVE when you can have an instant request!

You can let us know what we can play for you by emailing, filling in the Request form on our homepage, or calling us at the studio on 01932 874433 or internal hospital extension 2017 if you ask to use an internal phone.

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