Request Shows

Radio Wey has a number of Presenters and Request Collectors that visit the Wards in Ashford and St. Peter's Hospitals to ask what you'd like to hear on your Hospital Radio service.

Below you will find a schedule of our Request shows and when they are broadcast, so you can expect to see our teams visiting to collect requests either the day before, or shortly before the programme. There are photos of our visitors too, so you will know them when they come round.

So why not have a think about what you'd like to hear; a song; a singer or group; or just tell us what sort of music you like and we'll find something for you!

Occasionally we find we are unable to visit, but don't be disappointed. You can still let us know what we can play for you by emailing, filling in the Request form on our homepage, or calling us at the studio on 01932 874433 or internal hospital extension 2017 if you ask to use an internal phone.


Wards CoveredDayBroadcast TimeRepeatedPresenters/Collectors
St. Peter's: May & CedarMonday12pm to 3pm(none)Chris Hussey
White Gates care homeMonday3pm to 5pm(none)Fiona Ward
St. Peter's: AspenTuesday7pm to 9pmWednesday 1pmMatt Richings
St. Peter's: Cherry & MapleWednesday3pm to 6pmThursday 12pmMatt Seaby
St. Peter's: MaternityWednesday8pm to 10pm(none)Chris Ashbey
St. Peter's: Oak & AshThursday3pm to 5pmFriday 3pmKatharine Mann
Maria Lopiano
St. Peter's: Swan, Falcon & KingfisherThursday7pm to 9pmFriday 10amRoger Manley
Jim Coombe
St. Peter's: May & CedarSunday8pm to 10pmMonday 12pmChris Hussey
Gayle Naylor


Chris Hussey

Matt Richings

Chris Ashbey

Matt Seaby

Katharine Mann

Maria Lopiano

Jim Coombe

Roger Manley

Fiona Ward