About Us

Hospital Radio Wey was started in 1965 to provide entertainment for the patients and staff in Weybridge hospital.
Over the years, the service expanded and at one point covered Ashford, Ellesmere, St. Peter's, Walton and Weybridge hospitals.

Today we serve the main hospitals of Ashford and St. Peter's, and have expanded via our internet streams to reach those in need in our local community, care homes, and nearby organisations and charities. We welcome all on-line listeners and hope our service has a positive effect on everyone in bringing a little relief and respite from any suffering.

Radio Wey is completely staffed by a hard working team of volunteer presenters, technicians and associates who work together to bring a huge range of music, talk and sport with an aim to feel good through entertainment, education and information.

Our focus is towards support of those who may be unwell or isolated as we promote wellbeing, healthy living and caring, and we are sure we have something for everyone, whatever their circumstances.

A Brief History

Hospital Radio Wey was started in 1965 by Alan Timbrell and the late John Best. Between them they taped (on old reel to reel tape recorders) two hours of programmes each week. These were then played back to the patients in Weybridge hospital using a portable tape machine.

Two years later, with the desire to provide live programmes to patients, they approached the hospital authorities who made a small room available in the hospital. Because of the size, this room became known as "The Shoebox".
The room was equipped with basic technical equipment and live presentations began in 1967 with 13 hours of programmes a week.

In 1968, Ellesmere and Walton hospitals were added to the system and in 1970 both St Peters and Ottershaw hospitals were added. Finally in 1973 Ashford hospital joined the system.

In April 1973, the original studio was replaced with new equipment and over the years Ellesmere, Ottershaw and Walton hospitals closed and we now broadcast to the remaining three.

After 22 years we had to say a fond farewell to the 'Shoebox' and in May 1989 we moved to a new studio building, with two engineering suites, situated in the grounds of St Peter's hospital.

June 2006 saw existing and former members of the station celebrating 40 years of broadcasting by transmitting on a sister station "Radio Wey FM".

Over the years we have attempted to keep up to date with technology and now use a computerised system which can put patient’s requests on-air almost as soon as they make the request or dedication. Listeners can now listen "on line" by logging onto this website and clicking one of the Listen Now buttons.

Over the past few years we have updated our facilities by installing a new sound mixing console and upgraded our PC based play-out systems.

Radio Wey has an exciting future and we invite you to visit us again soon or to take part by listening on line.

In 2012, the volunteers to the Ashford and St. Peter's NHS trust were awarded the Queens Award for voluntary services, the equivalent of an MBE. Radio Wey is proud to be part of that volunteer force and receive this award for our volunteers.