How to Listen Live

Listen in Ashford or St. Peter's Hospitals

We have placed internet WiFi Radios in the wards which are all pre-set to play Radio Wey.

Ensure the power is switched on. The unit should connect to WiFi within a minute.


The controls on the top of the JAM speakers are:

Play/Pause  |  Volume-Down  |  Volume-Up  |  Select Radio Wey (blue light on)/Off (no light on)




On the TIBO speakers, once the WiFi has connected (solid RED light), press any number to hear Radio Wey.
Adjust volume as required. To turn off, Press the Power/Mode button for 3 seconds.


Please report any issues to giving the speaker location and speaker name (see label on the back).



Listen on PC, Mac or Smart Phone

Use your internet browser to go

Click or tap on the Listen Live button



Click or tap the Play icon






Listen via Amazon Smart Speaker

Just say "Alexa - Play Radio Wey"

That's it!


On Google Assistant and Siri, it works best if you spell out WEY, so say:

"Play Radio   W   E   Y   on TuneIn"



Listen on Smart Phone using TuneIn app

If TuneIn is not already installed, open Play Store or App store.

Search for TuneIn and install this free app onto your phone.

Once installed, Open the TuneIn app, search for Radio Wey.

Press the Play button!



Listen on PC, Mac or Smart Phone via UKOnlineRadio website

Using your browser, go to

Press the Play button!



If you have any problems with trying to hear us, or wish to comment on anything you hear on Radio Wey, please email