Ashford Hospital Community Open Day

by Andy Brown

Ashford hospital recently opened its doors for its first Community Open Day so anyone could visit and find out more about what goes on at Ashford and the services available.

Our man, Andy Brown was up for that challenge and chatted to lots of different departments! You can hear what he found out.

01 Opthamology with Dorothy the Matron


02 Physiotherapy with Nabilah


03 Virtual Reality of the new Operating Theatre with Simon and Mark


04 Elective Centre Ashford Surrey with Kathy Parsons


05 New Macmillan Cancer Support Centre with Rachel


06 Action for Carers Surrey with Sam Caine


07 Healthwatch Surrey with Vicky


08 Patient Cancer Support Group with Andy Anderson


09 Holme Farm Project with Phil


10 Coco Group with Pippa Tucker Brown


[All photos courtesy of Roger Manley]

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