Ben O’Connor

I have been a member of Radio Wey for more years than I can remember (at least 20 years) and I have enjoyed every one of them! I wouldn’t change anything that I have experienced. I started as an occasional reporter for Molesey FC when I was their Club Secretary and Press Officer. I quickly moved into the commentator’s seat after leaving Molesey FC and Chertsey FC. Being part of the Sportscene Team is great fun as we are all crazy about the Non-League football scene and all get on so very well. On a Saturday afternoon you can hear the fun and enjoyment that comes across from all the reporters no matter what the weather throws at us. As the only Qualified Referee I am often called upon during our commentary matches to give the Officials point of view. Apart from the main match where Pat Stovell and myself are commentating we can have up to 10 or more reporters at other local games to give the most comprehensive coverage that you can get on a Saturday come rain or shine. If ever you see me around the grounds come and introduce yourself and you never know I might get you live on air to give your honest opinion of the Match!