The David Lloyd Workshop

Author of "How to Make Great Radio" and "Radio Moments", is coming to Radio Wey!

Expand your radio knowledge!

David Lloyd is coming exclusively to Radio Wey

Over the years, many of you have said you would like help developing your radio skills. Well the wait is over... the opportunity you have been waiting for is near! With a background that encompasses working for and running LBC, Virgin, Century, Galaxy, Trent, Gem 106 and the BBC, David Lloyd is coming to Radio Wey to run a one day workshop.

David is a Sony award winning presenter and, if that is not enough, he also had a spell at running OFCOM! This is an exciting opportunity and we'd love as many members to attend as possible. David is now a consultant in the industry, a popular conference speaker and under normal circumstances his fee would exclude us from ever having the opportunity to benefit from his knowledge first hand.

So right now some of you are probably asking ‘If he is so much in demand, why is he coming to us?’ - go on, I know you're thinking it! The simple answer is, he started his career off at Hospital Radio Nottingham and still has a soft spot for the sector and also his agreement to do this for us is due to my being very persuasive and nice (read cheeky for that one)!

-- Mandy Morrow


Why are we charging? In part to cover David’s fee but also, because we want to ensure an element of reliability. David is coming a long way to be with us and I don’t want him to arrive and find just a few of us there.

What happens if we don’t get enough people to sign up? Quite simply, we shall throw the opportunity open to our neighbouring hospital radio stations - that is why we need to know numbers ASAP. So don't delay, reserve your place today!

I have more questions, Mandy!? Please contact me by email or by phone 07714097462 and I'll be happy to help as best as I can.

Reserve your space today!

Workshop Info

Date: Saturday, 17th November - 2018

Time: 10am - 4pm

Venue: The Grad Centre at St Peters

Cost: £5*

*Price is per attendee; exclusive for Radio Wey members only! If you need to book more than one ticket; please return back to this page to book again.

Beverages and snacks will be provided on the day. Further information relating to The David Lloyd Workshop will be sent to all attendees via email, closer to the day of the workshop.

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